How Long Can I Collect Workers’ Comp in Florida?

How Long Can You Be On Workers Comp in Florida

Workers’ compensation benefits don’t extend forever. Depending on the nature of your injuries, you could be subject to time limits for your workers’ comp. For most temporary injuries, you can only receive up to 104 weeks on “temporary disability compensation,” provided that you are not able to work during that time period. If you develop a permanent disability because of a workplace accident – whether partial or total – you may continue to collect impairment benefits from the insurance provider for as long as necessary

In this post, Van Dingenen Law discusses how long you can receive your workers’ comp checks, including compensation for more permanent injuries.

Timeline for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Once your workers’ compensation claim has been filed and fully approved, your cash benefits should start arriving within 21 days after you first reported the incident. Because every single injury is different, the insurance claim adjusters will have to examine your case and decide how long you will need workers’ compensation benefits, based on the details included in your claim.

As mentioned earlier, there are different time limits imposed by the state, depending on which type of workers’ comp benefit you are collecting. For temporary injuries, you can receive “temporary disability compensation” for up to 104 weeks if you are unable to work during that time. If you’re also receiving medical benefits to cover the costs of your doctor’s visits, you may continue to receive those indefinitely – but you will need to visit an authorized physician at least once every 1 year, to confirm that you are still actively managing your condition.

Permanent Disability Claims

If you develop a permanent disability at the workplace, you may collect benefits for as long as you need. While the amounts and time limits can vary greatly for partial disabilities, total disabilities may allow you to continue receiving two-thirds of your usual weekly wages, for as long as you are unable to work.

Seek Help from Our Dedicated Workers’ Comp Lawyers

At Van Dingenen Law, our experienced Central Florida lawyers focus exclusively on workers’ compensation cases, helping injured workers just like you across the state. By relying on our vast resources and experience with workers’ comp claims, we can help you navigate this system and receive the benefits you deserve.

No matter what type of injury you’ve sustained, you deserve to collect your full and fair benefits under the law. As compassionate workers’ compensation lawyers, our team at Van Dingenen Law truly cares about our clients – and we will do whatever it takes to fight on your behalf. We’ll even travel to you, ensuring that you get the legal counsel you deserve even when you’re confined to home or the hospital.

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