Do Security Guards Get Workers’ Compensation?

Some jobs are accompanied by inherent dangers, like a security guard whose job is to patrol or watch a property and intercept any criminal wrongdoers who might be there. If you work as a security guard, can you expect to be given workers’ compensation benefits because your job is innately dangerous? Or do most security personnel not have workers’ compensation because the dangers of their occupation are “expected?” Whether a security guard gets workers’ compensation depends on the classification of that individual’s employment.

Security guards who are official employees usually have workers’ compensation coverage provided as an employment benefit. Most states require employers with more than a small handful of employees to provide those workers with workers’ comp. If a company has a property valuable enough to defend with a security guard, then it probably has enough employees to require workers’ compensation.

On the other hand, not all security guards and personnel are employees. It is not unusual for some security guards to be hired through a specialized contract and not answer directly to an employer. In this situation, the guard would likely be an independent contractor. In most states, independent contractors are not owed workers’ compensation coverage.

With this said, just because your job is inherently dangerous, that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed workers’ compensation benefits. It all depends on the classification of your employment and where you live.

If you live in Florida, work as a security guard, and need help understanding your options after being hurt on the job, Van Dingenen Law can assist you. Whether you are assaulted by a criminal or just slipped and fell while patrolling the grounds, you could be owed significant workers’ comp benefits. Contact us now to learn more.

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