COVID Workers’ Comp Claims in Florida Go Down in June

The Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation has recently reported that the number of COVID-related workers’ comp filings dropped significantly in June. There was a total of 298 such claims in June, which is less than half of the 749 filed in May. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been more than 44,600 COVID-19 workers’ comp claims filed in the state, with the largest amount being filed in January after a large ballooning of confirmed cases in the winter.

The drop in coronavirus-based workers’ compensation cases reflected a plummet in virus counts. In June, the average day saw around 1,400 new COVID cases in the state as vaccinations became more common. Shortly before in April, counts lingered around three times that amount.

Unfortunately, a huge surge of delta variant cases has begun in July. As of the time of this writing, the 7-day average for coronavirus counts in Florida is above 15,000. Although vaccines have proven highly effective at preventing serious symptoms, the delta variant’s breakthrough infection rate is concerningly high. A breakthrough infection occurs when someone shows symptoms of the virus despite having been vaccinated, even if those are just mild symptoms. Becoming contagious is far more likely when showing even mild symptoms, too.

It is likely that the sudden spike in counts will result in the need for another rise in workers’ compensation claims. Insurance companies, employers, and employees all need to be aware of this likelihood and increase virus precautions. Employers are encouraged to reconsider making masks mandatory for both employees and patrons while also reconfiguring their stores for social distancing if necessary.

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